"Tra le migliori ibridazioni dell'ultimo anno che stenta a volgere al profetico capitombolo." Gioele Valente - RockIt

AY! rockavantlatin

Comprised of Brussels-based saxophonist Daniele Martini, drummer Marco Di Gasbarro, and bassist Fabiano Marcucci – the band germinated in the fertile soil of the Roman Underground when the musicians met for a double-bill with their respective bands: Heinz Karlhausen & The Diatonics and Squartet.

AY! emerged like a Chimaera, drawing inspiration from the syncopated rhythm and wailing horns of Afro-Latino music while maintaining an energized, rock attitude; its ears attuned to the arising, organic sound.
In less than a year, AY! recorded their first album, Sanba, edited for Megasound, and set out on an international tour.

With love for new, challenging music and equal respect for dissonant or melodic output, AY!'s repertoire is built in intense rehearsal sessions in which immediate delivery of ideas is driven but the eclectic spirit of Afro-Latino music.

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AY! Line up

Daniele Martini
saxophones, percussions.

Fabiano Marcucci

Marco Di Gasbarro

Management Tech Rider

AY! Discography

Il Mondo Stava FinendoSanba
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